Freely Creative, Inc. is a marketing company specializing in sticker/decal/label development, design and production. As the name implies, Freely Creative also excels at identity development, logo and slogan work, and the brainstorming of ideas that lead to companies standing (way) out from a crowd, or reassessing their direction before money is wasted or image weakened. Following are some of the services, websites, and products under the Freely Creative umbrella.

Freely Creative Services | Marketing, Logo Design, Promotional Products

For more information on working with Jeff Nicholson and Freely Creative on sticker development packages, logo and identity work, and idea generation and assessment click here.


Websticker is your link to exceptional custom sticker, label, decal and magnet design and production. High quality custom products and over-the-top personalized service helps define what makes Websticker a better option than the many sticker companies just selling a commodity, not a promotional tool or profitable product.

I Love it Here!

Spread the good vibes of Ned with Sticker Packs, “I Love It Here” T-shirts, and our new children’s book, Ned Says – I Love It Here. Help spread Ned, smiles, gratitude and goodness with these popular Ned products.

Stick This!

Jeff Nicholson wrote THE book on promoting messages, products and organizations with stickers. This is the ultimate guide for using promotional stickers to build identity, create word of mouth and grow sales. It includes a history of stickers, case studies, design tips and simple marketing concepts to kick-start low-cost, guerrilla marketing for any organization.

Gawk Stop

We developed a goo-free, movable camera blocking sticker product that has become a very popular, low-cost promotional product. Schools, security firms or any organization serious about online privacy can custom brand these sheets and help block spying eyes. There is a high perceived value for recipients and incredible level of long term impressions.

U.S.A. Flag Stickers

Freely Creative, Inc. is a wholesale retailer of American Flag Stickers. These are screen printed, outdoor vinyl and available in five sizes. Flag decals are great for equipment, gifts to customers, retail sales, fundraising and any patriotic events.